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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To Fight Your Acne - Morning And Night Routine :)

Good Afternoon Girls! I wanted to tell you guys a great morning and night routine for your face to keep your skin looking beautiful:)
 It is important to wash your face in the morning because you might not think it but your face is pretty dirty. Even know your just sleeping you might sweat when you get hot, rub your face alot with your hands and it might be gross to think about but your pillows and blankets arent that clean even after just washing them a few days ago. When you wake up wash your face very good really good with a non-scented soap. I have sensitive skin so I would just be safe and use a non-scented soap but your welcome to use any kid of soap that works good on your face. Next scrub your face throughly with a good morning scrub. After this apply a good moisturizer to your face before putting on your makeup for the day.
 Its always a good idea to take off all of your makeup at the end of your day, just because you dont want all that to sit on your skin all night. It will start to break you out. At night when I get in the shower I was my face really good with soap and water. Then I wash my face with a good face scrub. I love to use the face wash with beads, because it makes my skin very soft after. When you get out the shower put a oil-free astringent all over your face. Let your face really dry and then just for my acne I put clearasil and that works really good for me. I do these two things every day and my skin looks great. If this doesnt clear up your face and keep it looking healthy also look into other things in your life that would cause you to break out. Such as the foods you eat, stress, medications especially birthcontrol.
I hope this helps
I will post some reviews of everything I talked about on on my profile:)
Keep It Beautiful Girls:)

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  1. Great tips! You should write more posts. I'd love to see more of your writing.