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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey Girls:)
 So I wanted to do this blog post about how to clean your peircings.  Im not talking right after you get them done, im talking about 1 month to 50 years later:)
 Im going to start of by telling you all of the piercings I have. I have a few in both my ears in different spots, then I have my nose, monroe (upper lip) and my tongue. About once a week  I take out all my piercings and clean them, because even know they do get a little clean when you shower, a lot of dirt and oil gets under them.
 I first start out by taking out all of  my piercings and putting them into a small bowl. Then inside the bowl i put warm water and rubbing alcohol to clean them of germs and all that gross stuff. While im letting that sit there I put sea salt and water into a cup and heat it up for about 30-45 seconds. Just enough to where its warm and will dissolve the salt. I stir the salt around and then I put it in my mouth and swish it around just like I would mouth wash. This is what my girl that did my piercings told me to do to clean it after I got it done so I still do it, just to clean the holes in my mouth really good.
 Then I put all my jewlery into a jewlery clean and scrub them, just to get that shine like there brand new! Let them dry then your all ready to put them back in:)
Hope this helps!
Keep It Beautiful Girls!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fave Store:)

Hey Girls, I wanted to make a post about finding cute clothes for a thicker girl. One thing I hate about trying to find cute clothes for my size is that their expensive. So what I try to do is stick to one store and I subscribe to their emails to get coupons and know when there are deals going on and I aslo sign up for there rewards cards and all that.
 The store I LOVE is Maurices. I love it because they also have cute stuff in season, I can always find my size and the girls at the ones I go to are always helpful and really nice and they always give there honest opinon. I hate it when people tell me I look good in something when it actually looks bad. So im going to make a video with different outfits for all different styles and include the prices and all. Ill post a link after I post it to my youtube account. Hope You Enjoy!
Keep It Beautiful Girls! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gel vs. Liquid: Which One Will Be Great For You:)

Hey Ladies,
I wanted to do this post about which eyeliner would be better for you, gel or liquid. I went through this without knowing anything to find which eyeliner would work better for me.
 So the first thing you need to look at is the shape of your eye. If your eyelash line touches the top of your eye lid when you blink its a better idea to use the liquid because when you put on the liquid eyeliner its just a thin layer and it drys good and stays on without smudging. A gel eyeliner is thick and will smudge really easily.
 The next thing you need to look at is what type of skin do you have. If you have oily skin a liquid eyeliner is better because but if you have normal skin gel eyeliner would work just great.
 Overall I perfer liquid over gel but sometimes when your doing an eyeshadow gel eyeliner on the top would look better than liqiud and when doing a smokey eye its easier to use a gel eyeliner to blend than liquid.
 I hope this helps:)
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Keep It Beautiful Girls:)

How To Fight Your Acne - Morning And Night Routine :)

Good Afternoon Girls! I wanted to tell you guys a great morning and night routine for your face to keep your skin looking beautiful:)
 It is important to wash your face in the morning because you might not think it but your face is pretty dirty. Even know your just sleeping you might sweat when you get hot, rub your face alot with your hands and it might be gross to think about but your pillows and blankets arent that clean even after just washing them a few days ago. When you wake up wash your face very good really good with a non-scented soap. I have sensitive skin so I would just be safe and use a non-scented soap but your welcome to use any kid of soap that works good on your face. Next scrub your face throughly with a good morning scrub. After this apply a good moisturizer to your face before putting on your makeup for the day.
 Its always a good idea to take off all of your makeup at the end of your day, just because you dont want all that to sit on your skin all night. It will start to break you out. At night when I get in the shower I was my face really good with soap and water. Then I wash my face with a good face scrub. I love to use the face wash with beads, because it makes my skin very soft after. When you get out the shower put a oil-free astringent all over your face. Let your face really dry and then just for my acne I put clearasil and that works really good for me. I do these two things every day and my skin looks great. If this doesnt clear up your face and keep it looking healthy also look into other things in your life that would cause you to break out. Such as the foods you eat, stress, medications especially birthcontrol.
I hope this helps
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Keep It Beautiful Girls:)

How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

For my first post I wanted to tell you guys about how to take care of your skin during the summer. Besides the summer heat maybe drying out your skin you also can get a sunburn and one other thing i worry about is getting Melenoma. I love being out in the sun but i do have a lot of freckels on my face that I need to protect.When going out in the sun I put on a good waterproof sunscreen, not just on my face but every where the sun hits me.
 For the dryness, I would recommend a good moisturizer. I personally dont like spending alot of money on makeup products but this is something you need to spend money on, especially if you have sensitive skin. Girls, if you have sensitive skin you know that it only takes one time of using a bad product or a product that just doesnt agree with our skin to break us out with acne or even a rash. Splurge on a good moistuizer its worth it in the end! :) Follow my link to and ill post some reviews of good moisturizers. Thank You and Please Subscribe:)
-Keep It Beautiful Girls! Shayla<3